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What does aquavit taste like? Traditional aquavits from Norway and Denmark in particular are usually quite heavily influenced by herbs and spices like caraway, fennel, and anise seeds, which makes them quite strong and spicy.
An aquavit is made by infusing the selected herbs and spices, such as caraway and dill, in alcohol which is then distilled and further blended with alcohol and pure water. Since the 16:th century distilled grain spirits became increasingly popular in the Nordic countries.
People from Norway prefer aquavit at room temperature. In other places, it's usually taken chilled, often in stemmed glasses so the drinker's hand doesn't warm the drink. But best of all, it makes a great base to a cocktail!
water of life. Aquavit is derived from the Latin aqua vitae, meaning “water of life.” The name comes from early distillers believing spirits to be a healing liquid, and the convention is shared by other liquors, such as the word whiskey stemming from Gaelic's uisce beatha or brandy being referred to as eau-de-vie.
It is consumed year round though, mainly for lunches of traditional Danish dishes where beer is also always on the table. In Norway, where most aquavit is matured in oak casks, the drink is served at room temperature in tulip-shaped glasses.

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